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Purchase a Copy of HaitianChantsofHope – Chants d’Espérance’s Greatest Hits, Songs, and Hymns

Where Can You Purchase a Copy of ‘HaitianChantsofHope – Chants d’Espérance’s Greatest Hits, Songs, and Hymns’?


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Nimewo 45 “Echo Des Elus”: Jezu va woule wòch la (Jézu va roulé ròch la)

Nimewo 45 “Echo Des Elus”: Jezu va woule wòch la (Jézu va roulé ròch la)

Dedikas / Dedicasses / Dedication
**As Requested by Marie Raymonde Jeudy….(Thanks for your request!)**

Mwen pa kapab bliye ki kote-m te ye
Lè Jezu te jwenn mwen lavi-m te chanje
Se pou sa m-ap chante paske li sove-m
Si satan vle bare-m ma va rele Jezu

Jezu va woule wòch la
Ki vin bare-m nan mòn nan (3 fwa)
E-m konnen yon jou sa va chanje

Mwen pa jamè bliye ki jan sa te ye
Lespri-m te boulvèse paske-m te mare
Lè-m vin jwenn ak Jezu tout bagay chanje
Wòch la te mèt bare-m Jezu va delivre-m
Pafwa-m konn ap kriye devan pwoblèm yo
Mwen desann sou jenou m’ap rele Jezu
Mwen tande vwa Jezu kap pale avè-m

Li di mwen pran kouraj tout bagay va chanje…..

Pran rès pawòl chan sa-a nan blog sa-a / Get the rest of the lyrics of this song at


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Lè Jezu mouri sou kalvè; Lè Kris mouri se te pou mouin (When Jesus Died on the Calvary)

Lè Jezu mouri sou kalvè
Lè Kris mouri se te pou mouin
Mouin mande-m eske m-a konnin
Konbiin mouin doue, konbiin mouin doue

Konbiin mouin doue lanmou san fin?
Konbiin mouin doue ka Kris pou mouin?
Mouin konnin sa li fè pou mouin
Mouin pa ka di m konbiin mouin doue
Sovè mouin nan Jètsemani
Te pase pi gwo agoni
Se pou mouin soufrans sa te ye
Kouman pou-m di konbiin mwen doue
Se te amou li gin pou mouin
Ki fè-l soufri yon mò onté
Lè tout san kò li te koule
Li sove mouin, konbiin mouin doue
Lè m-a rive nan sièl la tou,
Rete avèk li pou toujou
Mouin mèt pale di mil ane
Mouin pap fin di konbiin mouin doue Sings with “Alleluia Haitian Chants of Hope and Faith: Praise to Thee, O Lord, King of Eternal Glory..” by M. Ferrero and Charlene Bouvier

Here is the first review of this book, “Allelluia Haitian Chants of Hope and Faith: Praise to Thee, O Lord, King of Eternal Glory…is a listing of the most requested songs or hymns on It is the web site users’ and authors’ selections of their favorite hymns from the famous Chants d’esperance Francais et Creoles Haitiens. The authors of this release grew up singing these songs in the church and parochial schools they attended. They are songs such as “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” -“Quel Ami Fidele et Tendre Nous Avons en Jesus-Christ,” “Quel Repos, Quel Repos” – “It is Well, It is Well…,” etc. This book is a personal affair for the authors as they share their love of singing in French and Haitian creole….”

Get Your Copy Now: Here is where you can get a copy of this book: “Allelluia Haitian Chants of Hope and Faith: Praise to Thee, O Lord, King of Eternal Glory…

Here is the testimony of one of the editors of this book, “Alleluia Haitian Chants of Hope and Faith (Praise to Thee, O Lord, King of Eternal Glory)” brings you my favorite songs from “Les Chants D’Espérance Français et Créoles Haitiens.” I know that many of these hymns are also your favorites. You have sent me mail, sought, and requested them at and elsewhere. You have indicated that you want to continue praising God with these songs. We grew up with many of these songs. We sang them in our respective churches and schools. Haitian protestants and churchgoers or even the non-churchgoers continue to sing them to find comfort and reassurance in good times and in times of catastrophic natural crisis….”

Free Sample of Haitian Creole Songs Accappela

Koute yon ti bout chan: Escuchen aqui: Listen to a sample here

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